The Weekly Sedition

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

4th Continental Congress ?

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A few years ago, I had heard through my NM Militia contacts of an organization or group calling itself the “Third Continental Congress.” Here’s the Google search for it — the site has apparently expired or taken down. Here’s one site. Here’s another page.

I’m guessing that with the election of Comrade President George XLIII, the militiamen on the “right” figured that “he’ll take care of us — he’s a conservative, after all.” Weren”t they snookered?

Anyway, I was thinking of starting a Fourth Continental Congress, even if it was just an internet group.

On second thought, maybe I had better move to another state before I start any more location-based groups — New Mexico doesn’t seem to be fertile ground for any sort of anti-State-type movement.


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